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Friday, May 04, 2007

Evolution of a Squirrel

I looked all over for a squirrel pattern to fuel an on going squirrel war with my sister-in-law. My husband gave her the nickname Chipper Squirrel while they were growing up and still calls her by it. So when I couldn't find a free pattern (I have a hard time spending money on crochet stuff. Maybe it isn't a true obsession -yet.) I made my own. Here is the evolution of the squirrel pattern.
The Chenille Squirrel
This was attempt #1 for the pattern and for me crocheting in chenille. Not a good idea to combine 2 new things. He's nice and soft but bigger than I wanted.

The Albino Squirrel
This one was a little better, but squirrels have haunches. That and a few other things prompted me to try again.

The Mole Squirrel
In the process of making my son's black squirrel, I discovered how much a black tailless squirrel resembles a mole. This discovery led to the idea of more variations yet to come (mouse, beaver).

The Completed Squirrel
I finally finished both the black squirrel and the squirrel pattern. I'm putting off making the other variations and having the pattern tested because I'm kind of tired of this project. I do plan to get it tested soon and start a store on to sell the pattern for the squirrel and its upcoming cousins.

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