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Monday, March 01, 2010

Many Hoppy Easters...

My grandmother passed away a year ago. Some of my favorite memories of my grandparents were meeting them somewhere between our house and theirs to celebrate Easter. I remember more Easter mornings waking up in a hotel room than at my own home. Meeting in National Parks led to some very scenic Easter egg hunts though. Thanks to my grandparents' RV, our Easter dinner didn't suffer too much from being on the road. I find it an odd coincidence that both of my grandparents passed away just as the stores began setting out the Easter decorations and candy. I think Easter will forever remind me of my grandparents.

Last year at my grandmother's funeral, I inherited some really random items stuffed in a trash bag -thanks to my mom and her twin. A phone, pink towels (which my daughter loves), a red scarf, etc. Among those items that I got was a pair of pink striped socks. I don't wear pink and the socks are way to big for my daughter who loves pink. So they sat in my drawer for a year, until I found a cute pattern on My kids and I made sock bunnies and I got to turn my grandmother's sock into a cute little Easter bunny.

His ears are a little wild, but he's cute. My daughter turned the match into a mommy bunny who has been taking care of my baby bunny. She's also named him "Crashina."



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