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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Funny Monkey!

In honor of my own two funny monkeys (my kids ages 4 and 1 1/2), here's another monkey! I'm especially partial to the natural surroundings in the photo. A bamboo pillow may not be a monkey's natural habitat, but it was better than cheap apartment carpet that only comes in tan.

He was almost deemed a lost cause. I started him with fun fur, but I hate fun fur. It's a lot like crocheting in the dark. Then I ran out of fun fur with 2 legs and half a head left to go. I'm tempted to throw out the furry pieces since frogging (undoing) is virtually impossible with fun fur.

So I started over with just regular yarn. Somehow I messed up 2 legs and had to redo both. My husband suggested that the gods were against me on this one. So I frogged (undid) both legs while pondering suitable gifts for the crochet gods. What could you offer crochet gods? I didn't come up with any ideas, but after that the monkey came together with no problems. Except that his nostrils are crooked.

I've already had an offer to test the pattern, so it should be done sometime after we move. Now that this little guy is done, I really need to start packing. The move is this Saturday!

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  • If your offer to test the pattern falls through, I'd be glad to give it a try!

    By Blogger Chicka, At 6:47 PM  

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