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Friday, July 27, 2007

Tiny Teddy's for a Toy Drive!

I think the tiny teddy looks much better with something on his tummy! These two are headed to a toy drive that will benefit children at University of Minnesota Hospital.

Donations need to be there before August 22nd, so there is still time! Click here for more information.

Since I was already sending a package to the toy drive I asked my son (4 years old) if he wanted to give any cars to the kids in the hospital. He got really excited and said he wanted to give 2 cars to each kid. He happily ran off to his room and came back with 2 cars in each hand. Then he asked how many kids were in the hospital and I told him there were probably more than 2 kids there. So he ran back and forth until he had enough cars for 9 kids to have 2 each. He threw in a few airplanes too. He was really excited about helping the sick kids feel better. He can be a handful sometimes and then he does something like this and I remember what a sweet kid he is and how much joy he has to share!

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