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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Toy Swap!

We got our box from the Crochetville Toy Swap today! My kids were so excited -before they even opened the box! Bizzyboppers packed a box full of wonderful surprises for us. There's a doll missing from the picture because it's taking a nap with my daughter.

My son was thrilled with his rocket ship bag.
Inside the bag are aliens and astronauts! They've been taking off and landing all over the house!

There was a doll and a bag for my daughter.
Trying on the backpack.
The hair color is a good match! Although my daughter can't keep hers out of her eyes!
She even fell asleep clutching the dolls hair!
Also in the box were: hot chocolate, a Wisconsin magnet, note cards, earrings and a bracelet. Now if I can just hide those from the kids!

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