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Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm not a big fan of commercials. I think that most of us hate the in your face, consumers are idiots sales pitch. This is part of the reason that we rarely watch TV and refuse to get cable or satellite. Luckily the only shows that we watch regularly on available on the internet, which is great since the commercial breaks are shorter and therefore easier to ignore. I realize that commercials are a necessary evil and that they help pay for the shows that I watch. I still don't like them. However there is an occasional exception to the rule, like the Tidy Cats commercials. If you watch shows on, they play commercials from just one sponsor through the entire show. So when we watched Lost, all of the commercial breaks were Tidy Cats commercials. I actually sat and watched the entire commercial and looked forward to the next. So, while I'm not endorsing the product, I highly recommend the commercials.

Since we're on the subject of cats, here's another funny cat video for you. Try to imagine this: two engineers with too much time on their hands + three cats = a very quirky guide to cats.



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