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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Daisy Shrug

It's already hot enough here in Arizona that something like this may seem useless. Outside it certainly is. We've already had temperatures in the 90's and have gone swimming twice. However inside our church building it's freezing. Some rooms are worse than others and under the vents or fans is terrible. So I made this for my daughter. I wanted to make a short sleeved one with two flower squares, but I liked having the flower in the middle of the back instead of a seam so I added a third flower and made it long sleeved. It's made with Sugar 'n Cream in white. I plan on making a short sleeved one in variegated pink.

She currently hates it and refuses to wear it, but she's two and may change her mind next week.

The shrug is based on this pattern.

The daisy square comes from Crochet Me.

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