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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Day

Earth Day was earlier this week. I have to admit that I haven't done anything for Earth Day in years. I think the only thing I've ever really done for Earth Day was enter an essay contest in Junior High. It was required by my English teacher and I actually got second or third place and won a $25 gift certificate.

Coincidentally, I just made a Reduction Tote Bag. The pattern is from Crochet Me. I had these noble ambitions that I would whip out the bag while shopping and save the Earth from unnecessary plastic bags. So I made it and put it in my purse so that I would be ready. The kids and I went to Petsmart to buy some goldfish to feed to our cichlids and then went next door to the Dollar Tree. We got the dollar version of a Build-A-Bear. We picked out one bear and one outfit per child and then waited forever for a cashier. Finally when there were three more people in line behind us a cashier showed up. My daughter wouldn't give up her bear to the cashier and then my son started digging through the bag for his bear and outfit before I finished paying. I grabbed the bag and tried to lure my children towards the door and away from the balloons and candy machines. Once in the car I had to dress two bears. It was sometime after that when I realized that I was now the proud owner of yet another plastic bag. So much for my noble goal. Maybe while shopping with kids I should stick with the more realistic goals like keeping track of my kids and making sure we actually paid for everything. At least I can still use it on the rare occasions that I shop alone.

I made it with leftovers.

I love that it folds up although not as small as I would like. I might make a smaller one next.

I didn't like the Reduction symbols on the bottom so I made my own design on the bottom.

This year we talked to our kids about it and are trying to do our little bit to make a difference. We made light switch covers to help us remember to turn off the lights. We also started an incentive program to encourage turning off lights. When we fill up the jar with milk caps (more reusing), then we get a reward.

I ran across something in Family Fun magazine and thought it was a great way to recycle. It's an invention box. You save random things in a box along with tape. Then when your kids are bored, you can pull it out and let them create something. I'm going to start one. I haven't told my husband yet. He doesn't always approve of some of the things I save. I think he's a compulsive tosser. He throws things out without even thinking about it.

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