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Monday, March 29, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Assuming she doesn't know many other Emilys (which is entire possible given how common the name is), my wonderful sister-in-law tagged me with the Beautiful Blogger award. I'm pretty sure it's not due to my diligence in keeping this blog well updated. But I do have two others that I keep for my kids (sorry, I'm not sharing the links) and am somewhat better at keeping those updated. Probably because my kids are the cutest things I've ever created and are much more fun to write about than crochet or any other craft.

I do have to thank my sister-in-law, not just for the award, but for her blogging as well. I don't think she knows how much I love her blog. It is the only blog that I check on a regular basis -almost every morning in fact. I realize that it took me almost a week to post this, but I read it on her blog the first day she posted it. I read her blog because it gives me a sense of normalcy. It's just nice to know that other stay at home moms deal with the same day to day annoyances that I do. It's not just that though. I love her sense of humor. It makes me laugh and cherish the remaining sanity that my kids have left me. It's also helped to realize what a great person she is. It's kind of ironic that when we lived close by we never became good friends. We both had a lot going on at the time and had we been at different points in our lives, things would probably have been different. So in case she doesn't know: Meredith, I am so glad that you are my sister-in-law. We're looking forward to seeing you and your family this summer. Thanks for your blog. I love hearing about your life -the crazy along with the fun!

1. Thank the person giving you this award.
2. Copy the award to your blog.
3. Place a link to their blog.
4. Name 7 tidbits people don't know about you from reading your blog.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.
6. Place a link to those bloggers.
7. Leave a comment letting those bloggers know about the award.

I'm not leaving a link to anyone's blog for privacy reasons. I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to tag yourself and leave a link to your blog in the comments. Although an award probably should not be self-awarded, but be my guest. On to the 7 tidbits...

1. I hate wooden spoons. I hate cooking with them. I hate the feel of them. However, I do own several and I do use them on a regular basis. I just don't enjoy it. I'm really not that long suffering, there's just not a good alternative. Plastic melts, metal heats up, etc.

2. I am a home-body. I love to be at home. As much fun as it is to visit other places and cultures, I really like to be at home with my family. My mom was afraid that I would never leave home. She was sure I would live at home while attending the university that my dad taught at until she eventually married me off. She was really surprised when I went to school several states away from home and then served an 18 month church mission in Argentina. Despite a slight adventurous streak, I still like to be at home.

3. I hate discussing politics. I doesn't matter if I agree or disagree with the other person. I don't like the negativity of the conversation. It's not constructive, it doesn't do anything to help the situation. It just gets people upset, even if they agree with each other. I also refuse to tell people who I vote for, just like my mom.

4. I like trying different/new foods. I grew up a picky eater (and was subsequently cursed with a picky eater for a son). If it wasn't chicken (preferable white meat) than it wasn't a meat worth trying. I disliked most vegetables. Wouldn't eat seafood or anything spicy. There was a point when my mom was afraid I'd be put on an IV because I wasn't eating. Since high school, I became more willing to try new foods. I have eaten frog legs, escargot, baby octopus baked into a donut hole, calamari, rabbit, quail, alligator, squid jerky, fish with the head still attached, beef tongue, and tripe.

5. If my feet are dry and need lotion, it keeps me awake at night. That's not something I need when I already suffer from insomnia and a snoring husband. I keep lotion by my bed so I can apply it as needed. I even put it on twice one night this week. Granted, living in a dry climate really doesn't help much.

6. I have large feet. I'd be alright with it if I were 4 inches taller. But having size 9 1/2 shoes while you're only 5 ft 4 in just isn't fair. When I was young, my mom always joked about my foot size in an effort to desensitize me to others' comments. I think it just made me more embarrassed of my shoe size. I can't remember anyone else ever teasing me about it.

7. When we were first married, my husband didn't know exactly what he was getting to. My old roommates could have (and probably did) try to warn him. In person and to those that don't know me well, I'm fairly serious, with a dry sense of humor, and not all that talkative. But those that have lived with me (particularly during my first year of college) can attest to a very silly lesser known side of my personality. My husband first discovered it in the form of Jimmy the Sock puppet who was determined to interrupt whatever book he was reading at the time. He wasn't even a sock, but a small pillow case. I have also been known to bear-nap, play pranks, move furniture, steal light bulbs, and throw M&Ms.


  • You're the Emily I meant! I'm glad that you decided to "accept" the award on your blog. I'm also glad that you read our blog. I don't think many people do now that we're mostly private, so it's nice to know that someone thinks my inconsequential ramblings about life are somewhat interesting.

    By Blogger Mere, At 6:09 PM  

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