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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Slinky Dog

My son had surgery two weeks ago and we tried everything to get him to rest. It wasn't anything too serious (adenoids removed and ear tubes in), but I still wanted him to rest. I even tried bribery. One of our attempts was the movie Toy Story. It worked for a little bit. Shortly after watching Toy Story I found an older post on that asked about slinkys and crocheting. Before I could help myself I was already thinking of all the animals you could make with a slinky. I asked my husband to bring me home a slinky from work, which he did without asking. If he knew it was for crocheting he might have protested. Instead he actually provided useful input on shapes and sizes. Thanks to his help, the slinky dog turned out pretty cute. Now he just needs a name and some friends....

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