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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A 2 liter Ghost!

Growing up my family invited all the neighborhood kids over for a Halloween party and afterwards we would all go Trick-or-Treating together. Dinner was always included. It was sort of a pot luck type affair. Each child was asked to bring a can of pop and a can of soup. All of the soup was thrown into one big pot along with some ramen noodles. (You can't have Halloween soup without the brains, right?) All of the pop was added to a batch of home made root beer complete with dry ice bubbling away. As you can tell it was really memorable -we've been scarred for life along with half of the neighborhood. Just kidding, kids will eat just about anything if you make it sound special enough and then promise them candy afterwards.

So here is my salute to Halloween parties. This ghost slips right over a 2 liter bottle. You can pick your poison (as my mom would say), but root beer just seemed appropriate to me.

You wouldn't believe the trouble I had with the arms. It took forever to find a shape that I liked. It's surprisingly hard to keep ghost arms from looking like wings.

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