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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Glow Bugs and Camping

Tomorrow is the Father and Sons Camp Out, which means the guys will be off doing manly things like cooking outdoors and here at home we'll be having frozen pizza and watching a chick flick. Although I do like to camp, I'm more than happy to send the guys off so that I can do girly things and sleep peacefully in the middle of my soft queen-sized bed.

My daughter thinks that she's going with them. When I tried to explain it was just for the boys she responded, "please?" She's even packed her bag to go with them. She put in her pink bear, shoes, and socks. She wasn't the only one getting ready. I've been pulling out the camping things, creating big pile for hubby to organize when he gets home. I like doing this because then I know that the sunblock, bug spray, and extra batteries got packed. It also means that I get to send along some fun stuff for my son. Aside from snacks and stuff to keep him entertained on the drive, I made him a glow bug. I got the idea from, but I didn't have the same kind of glow stick that they used. I already had glow bracelets at home so I changed the pattern a bit.

With one end of a pipe cleaner I made 3-leaf clover shape. The middle leaf (the head) is smaller than the other two, which will be the wings.

I used hot glue to stick the eyes on.

Wrap the long tail around the glow bracelet. If you leave some space between the coils, the light will show through the bug more. Loose coils will let the bug slide along the bracelet, but with my son I want something that won't slide off too easily.

And be careful not to bend the bracelet in the process or you'll start the glowing before you're ready for it. Luckily I had an extra.

Not only will my son have a little something to remind him that I love him, but he'll also be glowing brightly and be easy to find in the dark.

My family has a tradition that started when I was a little girl. My dad would travel for conferences and meetings, but not too often thankfully. Each time he went, we would sneak a stuffed animal into his suitcase. It was our way of saying that we loved and missed him while he was gone. My husband and I have continued the tradition. Once again, I am grateful that hubby doesn't travel very often either. The fun part is having my kids pick the stuffed animal and try to sneak it into Dad's suitcase while he's not watching. It's a little tricky since it has to be done after the suitcase is packed, which doesn't always leave much time to be sneaky. Maybe we should make another bug to hide in hubby's bag.



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