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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Traditions

I have to admit that while I call this a "tradition," we really don't do it every year. In fact I think it's been three years since we last did it. It came from my husband's family, but has been slightly altered since then. We had to change it even more this year when we couldn't find candy corn (tail feathers) or red tic tacs (the waddle).

As you can probably guess, my kids had a great time making their turkeys. Even my 2 1/2 year old caught on and had a blast making her own turkeys. With the frosting being treated as a controlled substance for adult use only, we didn't have much of a mess to clean up afterwards. All we had to worry about were two kids on a sugar high right before bedtime.

For our turkeys, we used:

  • rolos
  • whoppers
  • mike and ikes (we couldn't find candy corn)
  • oreos
  • chocolate frosting (in a ziploc with the corner cut)

It's pretty easy to make just using the picture as a guide. After separating an oreo and removing the white middle, cut (or nibble) one side to form a flat edge for it to stand up on. Glue (with frosting) the feathers (candy corn or mike and ikes) on to the oreo fanning out from the flat edge. Tail completed. Glue the body (rolo) to the other oreo piece before attaching the tail. Finish with the whopper head and the waddle (red tic tac or a piece of a red mike and ike).

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