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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We have a very generous neighborhood when it comes to Trick or Treating. My son's pumpkin almost overflowed last year. So we (I) decided he needed a new bag for Halloween this year. I made this decision when I opened the Halloween box and found a very squished plastic pumpkin sitting on top. We really need another box for Halloween stuff since cramming everything in doesn't seem to be working that well. So going with my son's costume choice (skeleton) I used the graph from the Jolly Roger pattern in the SNB book. As you can see, my daughter got a new bag as well. I misjudged the size and it came out almost as big as her, but it's cute and she loves it. Hers is from the Haekelbeutel Bag pattern.

I ran across this post and really wanted to make one, but didn't really need another bag. Luckily, my mother-in-law wanted a felted purse. The picture really doesn't do the bag justice, but I was in a hurry so it will have to do.

The free pattern for the Lacy-flap Felted Purse

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  • That is pretty cool! I made felt ones one year. They are still good, just small! :) Maybe I will make bigger ones next time?

    By Blogger Emily Marie, At 9:43 AM  

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