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Friday, September 12, 2008

Is Halloween here yet?

Yep, more Halloween decorations. Apparently, making one just opens the door by setting the dangerous precedent. Or maybe it's just that it gives a little five year old reason to hope (and to whine) for more Halloween items made mostly for him.

Presenting Pipsqueak the Bat.

My son named him. He was thrilled when he came home from school to find it finished. After telling me what a wonderful mom I was and how he loved and adored me (OK, maybe that's a stretch and he really just said "Thank you."), he asked me to make him more.

I'm thinking of making a few more. I think they'd be cute magnets and I'd like to have a group of them hanging together near a doorway. Good thing they're easy to make, although the wings were a pain to make. I redid them several times. I think I finally settled on the fifth version. Who knew that wings could be so difficult?

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  • Hey!

    was looking for patterns and came across ur blog. Thank you so much for free patterns list!
    Pipsqueak is adorable! Could lose sleep over his cuteness!! :)


    By Anonymous Shini, At 2:43 AM  

  • Hi! You have a really nice blog! I´ve made the tiny teddy you published, and it looks pretty cute :o) Thank you for share your patters!


    By Blogger Sonia, At 11:08 AM  

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