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Monday, February 09, 2009

Cactus Butt

My husband went to a school camp last week. While there, one of his students landed in a cactus and earned himself the name Cactus Butt or CB for short. The young man was really good natured about it and apparently gets a kick out of his new nickname. To rub in his misfortune even more, my husband commissioned me to make him a crocheted cactus. Despite living in Arizona for a combined total of four and a half years, I have never even been tempted to crochet a cactus. I told Hubby he owed me a skein of yarn in return for my services. He even willingly went to Hobby Lobby with me.

There is a free pattern available, but it's more vague guidelines than actual pattern. I made it shorter and changed the pot, doing it in sc instead of dc and put rocks in the bottom for stability.

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