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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Horsey socks

My daughter has an overly developed imagination. Some of it comes from playing with her older brother, but there's a fair amount that comes straight from her three year old mind. One night, while I was laying on the couch, she assaulted my feet, demanding "horsies, wake up." So I moved my feet. She was thrilled. She then got out pillows and a blanket for my feet and put her "horsies" to bed. I'm still not sure why she had to wake them up to put them to bed.

Since that night, my feet have remained her horsies, though they did go through a brief period as doggies. She will follow me around as I make dinner, telling my feet to wake up and bringing imaginary bird seed for her foot-horsies to eat. She talks to them, telling them to eat or saying "good boy." She pets them and keeps them well cared for, giving them money, pillows and imaginary food. She's totally devoted to her horsies. I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was when her own feet became her horsies and she started leaving mine alone -most of the time.

Because I like to feed into the madness, I made her two horsey socks. My husband recommended a nice long mane so that she would stop putting clips in his hair. She loves her new horsey socks. Unfortunately she said her horsies don't like to have their picture taken, so my hand is the model in the picture.

Clips, bows, and more clips...

Until recently, my daughter's hair things had their own drawer in the bathroom. It worked well when cleaning up since I could toss everything in the same place. However, it posed a problem when I was looking for something to put in her hair. Digging through the drawer to find a clip and its potentially non-existent match was a pain. It was time for a better system.

I searched for some ideas. There were a ton of bow holders, but they only held clips. I wanted something with pockets for all the ribbons and hair bands. So I spent an hour at Hobby Lobby trying to find something that would form the base for me to hang everything from. I finally ended up in the Easter section and found a cute little frame with a baby chick in the middle. I switched the chick for a butterfly. The pockets are just a long strip of material that I folded up to form pockets. I put two lengths of ribbon on each side because I found two great ribbons and couldn't decide which to use (pink or purple). It turned out to be a good decision, I didn't realize how many clips she had until the ribbons started filling up.

My daughter is so excited about it that she keeps bringing me clips to put in her hair. She's also discovered that she can force Daddy to put clips in his own hair. She's got him wrapped around her little finger.