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Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Flower Sweater

I had some Caron Bliss left over from a previous project and had no idea what to do with it. I finally decided that it would make a wonderfully soft sweater. I had to buy a few more skeins to finish it, so I didn't save money by making it myself. It's so soft and snugly that no one is complaining about the cost.

It's my first sweater and I didn't have a pattern. The front and back are made using Krystal's Daisy Square. I made it up as I went on the sleeves and then added a sc border in pink or mango on the sleeves, neckline, and bottom edge. It's big on her right now, but she'll grow into it eventually.

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  • You did a beautiful job, so cute the sweater and the model!

    By Blogger Anita, At 8:40 PM  

  • Would you please send me Krystal's pattern? I'm trying to get in on the action and haven't heard back from her. (I know she's really busy lately.) But I'm having surgery on Tuesday and want to have the pattern with me at the hospital.

    Anyways, could you send me the pattern? Pretty please?

    By Blogger Chicka, At 10:27 PM  

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