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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Felted Bag

I just finished my first felting project. My kids gave me Patons Classic Merino Wool for Christmas. I wanted to make a decent sized purse that could hold everything that a diaper bag would. I've had too many years of diaper bags and refuse to carry them now even though I still have a little one in diapers. (Hmm, I should have added potty training her to my New Year's resolutions). So I made a black bag that can hold wallet, diapers, snacks, sippy cups, and more.

For my first time felting, I probably should have followed a pattern, but I couldn't find any that I liked. So, I improvised and it turned out pretty good. There are a few things that I would change if I did it again, which I just might do. The sides puckered and the strap didn't shrink like I hoped it would. Other than that, I like it. I just need to find the perfect button and then I'll post a picture.

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