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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Small Christmas Presents

I meant to get these posted before Christmas, but life tends to get so busy around the holidays. So, here they are and a belated Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope it wasn't overly stressful and that you were able to enjoy some time with your friends and family.

These were filled with candy and given to my son's preschool teachers. I let him write on the tags. He wrote his name and drew a picture of a back bone. It was a really good drawing of a spinal column for a 5 year old. Maybe he'll grow up to be a doctor... We can always hope.

The pattern is one that I posted earlier in December.

My husband (who teased me about calling him "my cute hubby" and shall be referred to as "El Guapo" from now on) needed some small gifts for coworkers. We had originally decided on beaded bookmarks, but altered the plan slightly. Instead we made beaded crocheted book thongs. It doesn't sound like a big difference, but price wise it did make a difference. I made eight total, but I'd like to make another to go with one of my New Year's resolutions. When I get a chance I'll share my resolutions.

Here's a close up of one. I used the pattern from Crochet Me, although I altered the length.

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