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Friday, December 07, 2007


Sarah, if you want this to be a surprise, don't read any farther.


My sister is having her first baby. She has spoiled my kids since they were born. She visited just after each was born. She brings them treats when she visits, sends birthday presents, buys them clothes, etc. Yep, she's a great aunt. And a great sister. I'm sure I won't be the same aunt that she's been, but I had to do something for my upcoming niece. I'm sure that she'll be getting plenty of blankets. I know my mom has made 2. So I decided to make a little sweater.

Here's the little sweater that I made for her. I used a thinner yarn and had to alter the pattern a little. I think I may have made sleeves a little long, but they look cute rolled up.

It's from the Crochet Me pattern Baby, It's Cold Outside.

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