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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lunchtime at My House...

Here’s how lunch went for me today. I actually let my 4 year old pick between leftovers and sandwiches. He went with the nacho leftovers from last night. We did have to open a new can of olives though. There are never olive leftovers at our house. We have been known to go through more than one can during dinner. Keep in mind that the biggest olive eaters at our house are the munchkin-sized ones. My not quite 2 year old can eat over half a can all by herself. If you’ve ever had an olive lover in diapers, you’ll understand why we refer to olives as black beetles.

So, I’m peacefully eating my lunch as my toddler is crushing tortilla chips and dumping them on the floor. My cute hubby refers to the area beneath her chair as her food storage and has realized that trying to keep it clean is a loosing battle. Just as she asks for her water (keep in mind it’s not in a sippy cup), my almost 5 year old informs me that he needs 4 more olives. Knowing him, I ask to see the hand he’s hiding behind his back. He just smiles and asks for 4 more olives. After asking a few more times to see his hidden hand (with no results), I give in and dish out 4 more olives. Then I ask to see the hand again. His has olives stuck on 4 of his 5 fingers.

Back to sister, she has dumped the water on her tray and is trying to lap it up like a puppy. Now you see why it was just water. I’m wondering if the sour cream that her hair is falling into will leave her hair crunchy or work more like a natural conditioner. Her last bath was only 2 hours ago, so I’m really hoping for the natural conditioner. So I hand her a napkin in hopes that she’ll soak up some of the water from her tray with it. Don’t laugh, it occasionally works.

Then there’s olive boy. He now has the newest 4 olives on the second hand and is doing battle between the two hands. Apparently olives make excellent helmets for warring bands of fingers. Oh well, at least he’s not blowing bubbles in his water anymore.

And the other little mess maker (good thing she’s so cute –all kids need a redeeming value or two) is shredding her water soaked napkin and throwing it on the floor.

And me? I’m trying to listen to soothing Christmas music and wondering why Grandma has 14 copies of Away in a Manger on her iPod. Two of which are by the same group. We all need our little escapes, right?

Lunch is over. The mess is still there. My son is already asking for a snack and doesn’t seem to understand that if you finish lunch you won’t be hungry 10 minutes later. I’ve learned that logic doesn’t work well with young children. Soon it will be naptime for the youngest and I’ll finally get to shower. I do love my life. I love it even more when I don’t have to wait until “someday” to look back laugh at it.



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