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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Broomstick Lace

Sorry that I haven't been posting. We had the stomach flu visit our house. Magically it hit a different person each week for the last four week. Now that everyone's mostly back to normal (normal for us anyway), it's time to catch up with everything.

This is my first (non-frogged) attempt at broomstick lace. It's done in Sugar N Cream and is on it's way to becoming a short sleeve shrug for my daughter.
There's a great tutorial by Stitch Diva.

While I do own a broom, I found it much easier to do it with my ruler. The video shows it with large knitting needles, but I don't knit and therefore don't own any knitting needles.

Just so you don't think I'm neglecting my son, I did make him something recently as well. He has had a blanket hung from the top bunk to keep his sister from bothering him at night. (They share a room.) The blanket was an eye sore and constantly fell down. So it's been replaced.

My mom bought this fabric for me two years ago and it's been waiting for the perfect project. It almost became a giant lizard at one point, but instead survived to become a bed curtain. It's hung with velcro so that it can be taken down easily. Eventually I'd like to add a few pockets for small toys, etc. Aside from the three needles that I broke trying to sew through two pieces of velcro plus four layers of fabric, it was a really easy project.

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  • Great job on the Broomstick lace. I've tried several times. I definitely think there is a learning curve to it. Yours looks beautiful!

    By Anonymous Crochet Diva, At 12:32 PM  

  • Em! I just wanted to comment so you knew I looked at your blog! I am so jealous that you and Katie live so close! Who knew after all these moves and life changes, you would still live 'together'! I wish I lived by an old roomy!
    You do such great crochet work. I wish I had kept it up after you taught me! Well take care! :)

    By Blogger Emily Marie, At 1:41 PM  

  • Kristina lives near Katie as well. I'm actually teaching Katie to crochet. She's turned into a super crafty homemaker. She cooks, sews, and now crochets. She's no longer the pasta-roni queen.

    By Blogger Emily, At 4:31 PM  

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