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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Headband or a Necklace?

I'm constantly looking for an easier way of keeping my daughter's hair out of her face. Clips are easy, but don't stay in. I thought a headband would be easy and she could do it herself. Sounded good to me. I forgot that I was dealing with a two year old.

I bought some sparkly elastic in the bead aisle at WalMart. It was cheap and came in an assortment of colors. So I grabbed the pink (my daughter's favorite color) and my crochet hook and went to work. I didn't follow a pattern. I chained the length I needed (it's stretchy so I did a little shorter than the circumference of her head), sl st to make a circle, and ch 5. Skip 2 ch, dc in next ch, ch 2. Then skip 2 ch, dc, ch 2. Repeat all the way around. Sl st in the 3rd ch of the ch 5 from the beginning. Nothing fancy, but it was fast and looked nice.

Now the 2 year old part of the story. I showed her how to wear it in her hair. It fit great and matched the majority of her outfits (like I said, she loves pink). She was really excited about it and left it in her hair for a few minutes. Then she discovered that it made a great necklace. She won't leave it in her hair now, instead she pulls it down and insists that it is a necklace. Of course she's stubborn about it as only a two year old can be.



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