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Monday, August 11, 2008

Time Travel

I had no idea that my sleek silver station wagon was also a time machine. This weekend we left on a trip thinking that we were simply traveling to Holbrook, AZ to see relatives. Little did we know that our car would take us back to a time when Route 66 was at its prime. A time when treasures like the Wigwam Motel stood waiting for travelers along the sides of the highway.

We pulled in next to a car that was obviously from a different era than our 2003 Saturn, wondering where we were. Perhaps it was the fading light that fooled our eyes.

Maybe my car can't travel through time, but it was fun to stay in the wigwams. It was even more fun to see my parents, my sister, her husband, and their little girl. My kids really enjoyed it as well, but now when my daughter sees a picture of a wigwam she says it's "Nana's house." Someday our silver time machine will take us back in time to when I was a teenager living in Oklahoma and my daughter will get to see what Nana's house really looks like.



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