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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My First Non-Crochet Related Post

Until now I have only blogged on crochet. Brace yourselves! This post is not about crocheting -no hooks or yarn involved. But it is craft related still. There may be more non-crochet posts coming up. I'm taking a little break from crocheting. Maybe it's time to catch up on scrapbooking.

Halloween is coming and I somehow volunteered to make 1 1/2 costumes. I'm pretty sure I did it willingly. In case you're wondering, the 1/2 a costume is a cape for my husband. Almost every year (since high school) he dresses up as Phantom of the Opera. This year he decided it was time for a new cape. I haven't told him that I'm going to charge him for it. I'm going to make him sing Music of the Night for me. He has a great voice and I love hearing him sing. My sewing talent in exchange for his signing talent. Sounds fair to me. I have to get started on it tonight since he needs it for Saturday and I still have to finish the other costume.

The other costume is for my 20 month old daughter. She's going to be a butterfly princess. Her room is decorated in butterflies and she was dubbed Princess Poopy Pants as a baby. So butterfly princess seemed perfect for her. I love when kids are too young to choose their own costumes. Buying a Batman costume from WalMart (for my 4 year old) wasn't nearly as fun.

We lucked out that nearly everything we needed for both costumes were on sale at JoAnns the day we went. The only snag we hit was that the pattern I wanted was only available for sizes 6-8. I need a size 2 or smaller. So then I had this brilliant idea to make it fit a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Sometimes brilliant ideas don't seem so brilliant when you start working on them.

I made the bodice more of an overlay that requires a shirt underneath and then it laces up with ribbon. It's a little obnoxious to get on and off, but it fits both kids. Yes, I made my poor son model it for me. I bribed him with candy to wear it while I hemmed the 4 year old length. Right now it's ready to go for a 4 year old, but I need to make a temporary 2 year old hem. I plan on taking the second hem out after Halloween and saving it for a dress up box when she's a little older. There's also a slip underneath that will make a great tutu for a ballerina dress up or future costume.

Here's what I have so far. It's a cute picture (even though she was sick when I took the picture), but it doesn't show a lot of the dress. There's gold ribbon around the sleeves and along the front.



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