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Monday, October 29, 2007

Something for me!

I currently only have one crochet project underway. It's the Ballet Sweater from Crochet Me. It's been an adventure. The pattern is well written, but you have to pay attention to what row or repetition that you're on. That's not a big deal though and the diagrams help as well. The hard part for me is that I'm not using the yarn called for in the pattern. I'm using size 3 crochet thread which has altered the guage. I had to frog (undo) a few rows and start over after the medium was starting to look huge. The problem then is that once you adjust one peice of a clothing pattern, you have to do it to all the other peices. So far it looks like all my adjustments are coming together. I have the back and one front panel done. More updates later...

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