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Thursday, February 07, 2008

A New Project

I fell in love with the Blue Bliss Baby Dress at E-patterns Central. Unfortunately I don't have a baby and don't plan on having another any time soon. Actually, we're planning on getting a dog next time either of us start thinking about having another baby. Not that I'm against having babies. They're great and I love the two that I have (they're not babies anymore though), but realistically, we can't afford another. El Guapo is a teacher which means we're lucky that we can afford two kids without me having to work. It also means that we live in a two bedroom apartment and will never be able to afford a home even with the current downslide in the housing market here.

Enough of that tangent. So I bought the dress pattern and am trying to enlarge it. I'm using Paton's Lacette and a D-hook. It's enlarged the pattern (possibly too much, but that's OK), but I think I'll need to add some length to it. After all, babies and toddlers are built a little differently. I'm also going to have to find or make a slip to go beneath, but first I'll finish the dress.

Here's what I have so far. It's the collar to almost the end of the sleeves.


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